Five tips to make your home irresistible to potential tenants or buyers

by Michelle Chin (
published on 12 February 2016

Putting up your home for rent or sale? First impressions count. The state of your property and how it is perceived can help garner interest in it and even fetch you a higher price. Here are a few tips to take your home from  

run-of-the-mill to the dream abode that will get you the price you want.


Dark and dingy homes seldom inspire confidence.

Well-lit or artful interior lighting can create a welcoming effect. Mr Simon Neo, a branch division director of  ERA Realty Network said: “Switch on all the lights and lamps during the home viewing. A brighter home tends to look newer and more spacious. ”Don't just switch on the lights for viewings in the evening. Even during the day, switching on the lights brightens up the space. Warm lighting or a well-placed table lamp can add to a cosy effect.


Inspect your home carefully. Are the door hinges creaking, ceiling paint peeling and floors grimy? Mr Neo said: “Mend and repair any obvious imperfections, and keep your home spick and span to ensure that it is in presentable condition.”Pay attention to details. Clean the floor mats and door knobs, and get rid of musty odours from your cupboards.Cleanliness does matter. Even if it is a spare room which you do not usually use, clean it. A clean home gives potential buyers or tenants the idea that the property is well maintained and in good condition.This is especially important if you are looking for a tenant. A clean house signals that you are someone who cares about your property and you would expect your tenant to take good care of it too. If you are renting out a furnished home, make sure appliances are working and in good condition. These are factors that can help attract tenants and give you an advantage when it comes to negotiating for a better rental price.


Make your home look and feel as comfortable as possible. Have th air-conditioner switched on so that potential buyers and tenants can feel comfortable during the viewing. This is one of the basics to getting your property to have that show flat effect.


Have the following information at your fingertips.

• Floor area of your home.

• MRT stations near your home and the bus services available at nearby bus stops and your estate.

• Schools,  shopping centres, parks and eateries in the vicinity, and nearby amenities like swimming complexes, stadiums and cycling tracks.

5. BE FRIENDLY AND OPEN Tenants appreciate a home owner who is easy to get along with. Home buyers are also more likely to seal a transaction with a home owner they see eye to eye with. When interacting with prospective tenants and home buyers, be courteous and open to answering questions.Watch your body language. Refrain from crossing your arms,f iddling with your devices or making negative comments. Be prepared to answer all types of questions from potential buyers or tenants. Communicating with them is also one way for you to find out if you wish to do business with them. Do not dismiss any offer or take low prices as an insult. Even if the potential buyer or tenant finds your property unsuitable, they may recommend your  property to others