Create good energy in your car

by Latashni Gobi Nathan (
published on 12 February 2016

Whether or not we have superstitious beliefs, we all want to feel positive energy around us. Be it at home, work or in our car, positive energy can make a difference in our everyday lives. With Chinese New Year coming up,  you may be looking for new ways to create more positivity in your life. Fengshui is a type of geomancy which involves arranging spaces and objects to create the best possible flow of energy. It is very specific and caters to each person differently,  as we all have different types of energies. Master Goh Guan Leong from Way OnNet Group, who has 10 years of experience, shares some expert tips on what you can do for your car to suit yourself.


Does the colour of your car matter? Many people think that fengshui has a strict set of rules, but you  can sometimes go with what feels good to you. You may have a certain liking for some colours that others do not. This means that colour gives off positive energy to you. Master Goh said that colours and numbers represent different types of energies, and may have a significant impact on any individual. For instance, red represents warmth and abundance in energy. That means that those who have feelings of inferiority should make full use of the colour  red. Colours like yellow and brown represent calmness, stability and practicality. Do your own research or talk to an expert if you feel that picking the right colour for your car is important to you.


This year, which is the Year of the Monkey, elements like fire and metal are dominant. Master Goh said: “Make use of the colours yellow, blue and black to neutralise the conflicting energy of fire and metal elements. Consider adding cushions or ornaments in those colours in your car. ”Check what your favourable colour is by talking to an expert and providing details like your birth date and birth hour. They will be able to give you more in-depth details on what your element is and what you should place in your car.Y ou can also try winding down your car windows once in a while to allow fresh air to enter your car, or use simple car aromatherapy diffusers. These will help to soothe and calm your energy. Or place energy-improving items like crystals in your glove compartment or play feel-good music that relaxes you.


Apart from colours, other factors, like the cleanliness of your car, count too. Take the time to make sure your car is always clean. Wipe your windows regularly,  keep the trunk neat and throw out any leftover food or trash. Keeping your car free of clutter and dirt clears the clutter in your energy.



RED - Red is intense, represents the element of fire and a lucky shade. It is hot, bold and daring. Use red if you need to feel more energetic and alert._

WHITE - It denotes purity and innocence. White is cleansing, and represents light and freedom. It also signifies new beginnings.

BLUE - Blue is the calm to red’s heat. It represents the sky and ocean. Blue signifies peace, calmness and truth.

BLACK - Black is mysterious, hidden, secret and protective, the opposite of blue’s  openness.

GREEN - Green represents growth, balance and nature.

PINK - Pink represents unconditional love and romance.

PURPLE - Purple is a royal colour and represents wealth. It is quietly deep and noble.

GREY - Grey represents heaven. It represents synchronicity and signifies a sense of achievement and comfort.

YELLOW - Yellow is an uplifting colour. The colour of  the sun, it represents power, energy and activity.

ORANGE - Orange is one of the most sociable colours. It represents happiness, exuberance and fun.

BROWN - Brown represents the earth. It is rooted and signifies  nurturing and grounding.Photo: Thinkstock