Should you buy a car?

by Latashni Gobi Nathan (
published on 29 March 2016

Here are some questions to ask before you purchase a new or pre-owned car.

1. What type of car will suit my lifestyle?

Mr Ryan Liew, director of an automotive workshop, Technic Autocare said: “Decide on the type of car you want, whether it is a sedan, family car, hatchback, or sports car. Focus on what you know you like to make the search easier and quicker."

Set aside a budget for buying your car. Work out the amount of cash you have and how much you can fork out every month for the car’s additional expenses, like petrol, maintenance and insurance.

2. Go for test drives and inspections

Once you have set your sights on a car, drop by the car dealer's showroom for a test drive.

While driving, ensure that the drive is smooth and that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Check the engine, undercarriage and paint work. If you are worried that you may have missed out certain details, get the car inspected or ask for a copy of the inspection report if it has already been done. 

3.  Ask questions

If you are buying a second-hand car, find out if the car was previously involved in an accident, how many owners have had the car, and what the monthly costs are like. Be well informed before you make your decision.

Mr Liew said: “You must have peace of mind when buying your car. Do not buy a car when you are unsure of its condition. That is the most important aspect to consider.”