Starting a new job?

by By Latashni Gobi Nathan (
published on 20 June 2016

Standfirst: Find out how you can make a good first impression at work.

Starting work at a new workplace will mean having to learn new protocols, the responsibilities that come with your role, and adapting to a different working environment.

You also have to start reaching out to people you will be working with or seeing every day.

So how do you make a good first impression?

Be sincere

People are naturally drawn to others who have great positive energy and are willing to be a team player.

Mr Nick Sim, an entrepreneurial coach with 13 years of experience said: “Be sincere and genuine with your colleagues to establish a good working rapport with them.”

Have the right attitude

Your reputation at work starts the moment you step through the doors on your first day of work. You may be new, but it is crucial to come to work with the right attitude.

Mr Sim said: “Never be afraid of new tasks or things that you are not familiar with. Accept whatever comes your way as it is the best way to get out of your comfort zone. Everything that you are exposed to will only add to your career achievements.”

Have confidence in yourself, as you were picked above other applicants because of your skills and attitude.

What to avoid

Getting a new job means you get to make a fresh start, and the opportunity to achieve personal and professional goals that you did not accomplish in your previous job.

Mr Sim said: “Avoid getting into situations that may complicate your job. Do not gossip or let personal problems prevent you from doing your work. Should you face difficulties, be upfront with your colleagues and get suggestions on how to move forward in the best possible manner.”