Getting over the holiday blues

by By Hafiz Rasid (
published on 21 June 2016

All good things must come to an end. For some of us, getting back to work after a wonderful long holiday can be a harrowing experience.

But with a change of mindset, you will find that the vacation provides more than enough rest for you to resume your regular life again.

Mr Charles Gonzalves, a vice president of a career-coaching firm, said: “Holiday blues is a common challenge faced by many when getting back to the reality of life and work after a planned vacation.  Embrace the memories of the wonderful experience, and plan for the next vacation. Until then, the thought of your next planned vacation will provide adequate vigour to push ahead with your job.”

Plan ahead

As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine, it is best to get in the thick of things immediately once you get back and sort out any work that needs urgent attention.

Before you even go for the trip, it is best to organise your workload properly. Clear what can be done early and list out what needs following up on once you resume work.

Once you are back, settle urgent matters first help to prevent any stress-inducing problems that may pop up in the future.

He said: “Plan for the week ahead. Take a couple of days to clean the clutter that has accumulated when you are gone, and reorganise yourself. This will help to weed out potential problems that may snowball, causing undue stress.”

Take a short excursion

Change your mindset that daily life is boring. By making the most of your weekends and free time, you will not be bogged down by the stresses of work.

Mr Gonzalves recommends taking a short weekend trip with family or friends. Although it may not be the same as a long holiday, it provides a healthy and fun distraction to defuse the week’s stresses.

Get your heart pumping

A fit body is as important as a healthy mind. Mr Gonzalves shared that introducing a scheduled fitness regime, such as a trip to the gym or a walk in the part for 30 minutes a session will give you the momentum needed to push ahead.