How to think more positively

by By Latashni Gobi Nathan (
published on 21 June 2016

Having a tough day at work? Practicing the art of positive thinking can help you get through the day more easily.

Mr Nick Sim, an entrepreneurial coach with 13 years of experience said: “Having negative thoughts can drain us of our energy and vitality. We can get tired simply from worrying too much. People who are energised by positive thinking will feel excited to face their challenges. The positive energy will push them to achieve their goals and dreams.”

When you are positive, you are likely to have confidence, as well as the creativity and determination needed to overcome your challenges.

A confident person will naturally attract positive people into his or her life. Most people like to be surrounded by positivity because it inspires them to be better.

Breaking the cycle of negative thinking

When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop thinking of everything that is wrong and identify steps you can take to make the situation better for yourself.

You may not be able to solve every issue you face, but overcoming some hurdles can boost your confidence.

Mr Sim also suggested mixing with the right people.

“Sometimes, those around you can instill negative thoughts. They may not be bad people, but their views on certain issues may impact you negatively. Spend more time with people who sincerely believe in you,” he said.

Choose to be happy

In your free time, you can try writing down your feelings. This highlights any issues you may have and gives you a clearer idea of what you need to do.

Mr Sim said: “Write down events that made you feel negative during the day. Reflect on your list after you do so, and make a mental note to avoid thinking negatively.”

He also said it is important to choose to be positive. You should not force yourself to change, but truly want to feel better about things.

“Having a positive attitude will remind you that you can decide how you want to feel, and prevent you from feeling resigned to your fate. Choose to believe you can achieve what you want, and you will start to feel different and experience positive changes within yourself.”