3 tips for flawless-looking skin

by By Michelle Chin (mchin@sph.com.sg)
published on 30 June 2016

Want to look glamorous at work? Make your make-up last longer with these tips.

1. Get more mileage out of lipstick

To prevent your lipstick from fading, Ms Angie Soon, chief executive of Cosmoprof Academy, recommended the following steps to follow after applying the first layer of lipstick.

·         Blot your lips with one thin ply of tissue.

·         Remove the tissue and apply a thin layer of face powder over your lips.

·         Apply an additional, final layer of lipstick. 

Use matte lipsticks if you want your lip colours to last longer. Matte lipsticks usually stay on longer than glossy lipsticks.  

2. Control sebum around your T-zone

An oily T-zone consists of the areas around your forehead, nose and chin.

Consider using a primer before you apply an oil-free foundation to lengthen the time that your foundation stays on for.

Ms Soon said: “Touch up your make-up during midday with blotting paper to remove excess oil. Place the blotting paper on top of the greasy area. Press down gently.  Do not rub or move the paper about to prevent removing excessive amounts of make-up. Dab on some powder onto your T-zone if needed.”

3. Do not wear make-up to sleep

Remove make-up every night and avoid sleeping with your make-up on.

Use a make-up remover to get rid of any make-up before washing your face. This includes removing any residual sunscreen you have applied.

Be sure to ensure that the areas around your jaw and eyes, especially near the lash lines, are cleaned as well.