3 foodie autumn destinations

by By Michelle Chin (mchin@sph.com.sg)
published on 12 July 2016

Autumn brings more than beautiful landscapes filled with earthy hues of golden, red, and brown foliage. This is also the perfect time to tuck into seasonal delicacies such as seafood, white truffles, wine and more.

1. Seafood wonderland

Gothenburg, a city at Sweden’s west coast, is famous for its generous offerings of seafood.

Popular shellfish varieties caught during autumn include oysters, mussels, and lobsters. Shrimps can be found all year round.

Sweden’s lobsters species is known as the Homarus gammarus, and are caught from late September to April. Try the hummersoppa, which is lobster soup in Swedish.

This rich creamy soup is cooked with the lobster shells and double cream. Liquor such as brandy and white wine may be added.

Shrimp is a popular shellfish eaten in Sweden during any season. The shrimp sandwich is a classic Swedish dish. It is generously topped with fresh shrimps, hard-boiled egg slices, tomatoes, dill, mayonnaise, and herring roe.

If you are adventurous and want a unique holiday experience, sign up for trips where you board fishing vessels to witness how lobsters, oysters, or mussels are caught. These tours are offered at coastal fishing communities such as Lysekil, Ljungskile along the Bohuslan Coast at west Sweden. Although seafood meals are often included in these tours, you could even attempt to catch your own meal. 

2. Aromatic indulgence

Located at northwest Italy, Piedmont is a region famous for its wines and white truffles.

Alba, a town in Piedmont, hosts the annual Alba International White Truffle Fair from early-October to the last week of November. The white truffle is found in the countryside of Alba and Asti which are towns in Piedmont. At the fair, sample cuisine infused with local white truffle such as salami, pasta, cheese, and other gastronomic offerings.

Piedmont is also well-known for its wine production. Barolo, a red wine, is fermented from a grape variety called Nebbiolo. October is the season Nebbiolo grapes are commonly harvested.

Autumn is the time to tour some vineyards and wineries at Piedmont, such as those at Barolo which is a hillside village. See the amazing autumnal colours of the vine leaves as they go from green to gold, brown and purple. Drink Barolo wine which has a minimum aging period of about three years.

3. Tease your taste buds

At Seoul in South Korea, dig into Ganjang-gejang, a delicacy of raw blue crabs marinated in soy sauce. Bite into the succulent plump meat with relish. Usually caught during spring and autumn, the crab is an unusual and savoury treat served with garlic, ginger, and onion in delectable soy sauce. 

Spoon some short-grained white rice into the shell to soak up the delectable gravy and juices.

Autumn is also the season chestnuts ripen. Try the chestnut danja which is sweet glutinous rice cakes or rice balls coated with layers of ground chestnuts and honey. This tasty snack or dessert is bound to put a smile on your face.