How to recruit top talent

by Latashni Gobi Nathan
published on 29 July 2016

By Latashni Gobi Nathan

Regardless of what type of company you run, hiring the right people is a critical task.

While the candidate’s resume may be important, there are many other skills and requirements you should consider.

Here are some things to look out for when hiring a new employee.

The right personality

The nature and characteristics of a team depends on what the job of the team actually is. While you may wish to hire someone who meets some ideal requirements, he or she may not be the best fit for the role you have in mind.

Ask the candidate what he or she knows about your company and the role he or she will be playing. Try introducing him or her to several members in the team and ask them, as well as the candidate, about their opinions. As much as you want to pick the right person for the job, the candidate has to feel like the place is the right fit for them too.

Mr Adrian Tan, a job hunting coach at a career coaching and planning agency, said: “Employees usually resign because of better pay, a change in roles or the environment they are in. It may not be that anything in the company was bad, but just that the way the current company was run might not have suited them. Pick an employee that knows how to make use of the tools and resources your company has.”

Skills and traits

While you may be quick to judge the candidate on how he or she handles the interview session, remember that there are other qualities and skills you need to assess.

More than just his or her academic scores, you would want someone who has good skills like critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication and networking.

Mr Tan said: “Technical skills can be taught but soft skills are moulded from childhood all the way to when a person graduates’. Do not ignore or misjudge soft skills. This includes turning up for work on time, overcoming setbacks, influencing others, taking the initiative and being committed.”

Ask the right questions

When interviewing a candidate, ask questions that will help you gauge his or her drive and ambition, and ask for examples on how he or she has handled various challenging situations previously. This will help you assess how he or she may play a big part in helping your company grow.

It is also important to know why he or she wants to leave his or her current company. A negative sign is when the candidate blames someone, or other external forces, from his or her previous company for wanting to leave.

Mr Kenneth Leow, an associate director of a training company said: “If a candidate wants to resign from the current company because of a clear life goal he or she wishes to achieve or because he or she was not given enough opportunities, then that makes it a valid reason. The reason has to be justified and not just simply to gain a promotion the easy way.”