Having your car covered by motor insurance is an important part of car ownership.


By Latashni Gobi Nathan


Going on a 14-day long road trip from Norway to Finland in April 2014 with her husband and two friends was an eye-opening experience for entrepreneur Marie Choo.

As we continue to experience hot weather at this time of the year, you may want to pay more attention

Want to improve your driving experience, stay safe and save more?

Getting to know your car is a good way to start.

It is known that your car has several fluids that help to operate and keep it running smoothly.

Amongst these are your car’s fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant and brake fluid. Brands like Exxon Mobil provide quality car fluids that ensure your car gets the power it needs.

Looking after your vehicle’s braking system can help it to last longer before it finally wears out.

Here are some questions to ask before you purchase a new or pre-owned car.

1. What type of car will suit my lifestyle?

How do I know which car is right for me?

Can’t tell the difference between a hatchback and coupe, or an SUV from a MPV? You are not alone.

A well-maintained vehicle makes your ride more pleasant and comfortable. Here are some simple yet effective ways to keep your car’s exterior and interior looking good as new.

Are you planning to buy a new car now that the COE premiums have lowered? Mr Cobin Ng, the manager of Leco Auto, tells you what you should think about and ask when you go car shopping. 

Just like any relationship, having a car requires your time and attention, not only when you need to drive it.

Should you buy an MPV or SUV?


For many people, a car is the first big purchase of their lives.

Whether or not we have superstitious beliefs, we all want to feel positive energy around us.

Your guide to your car's automatic gear transmission

Automatic gear transmission technology has come a long way ever since it was first conceptualized in the 1930s.


A well-maintained vehicle makes your ride more pleasant and omfortable.Here are some simple and effective ways to spruce up your car’s interior.

Get pro tips on getting the right car at the right price.

Pre-owned cars are a viable option for car buyers who want to spend less on this major purchase. Here’s what to consider when carshopping.

Planning to get a new ride especially with the next festive season round the corner? Preowned cars are an option to consider.

The amount of effort you put into caring for your car can help it be a reliable and safe ride.