Managing confl­icts at work can be the hardest part of a manager's career.


By Latashni Gobi Nathan

In an effort to be more profitable in a globalised economy, savvy companies are embracing the concept of having a diverse workforce.

Be a competent manager who not only delivers business targets, but also builds teams and develops people.

Is your career going where you want it, or are you just living from day to day?

Having some goals can help you to regain direction and renew the enthusiasm you have for your job.

Looking to secure your first job or on the hunt for a better offer?

As the competition is keen, you need to distinguish yourself from other applicants by trying new tactics. 

Make the most of your working hours by being more efficient and productive. 

Ms Heng Teng Teng, a career coach, said: "Productivity means being able to get more done within a shorter time, and making do with lesser resources at your disposal."

While much has been said about verbal communication in the office, the importance of e-mail etiquette is often overlooked.

Being emotionally intelligent is crucial for better interaction with others

Apart from the necessary skills and competencies, we also need to be emotionally intelligent in order to do our jobs well.

Are you overworked? Is it because you have difficulty saying no at the office?

Although it is good to be a responsible team player, you should not make a habit of saying yes to every assignment that comes your way.

Ready to climb up the career ladder?

Go beyond your technical skills and adopt useful soft skills to gain an advantage. There is more to work than fulfilling your job description.

Are you guilty of committing these career-related missteps? If so, take action to rectify them.

1. Job hopping without addressing the crux of the problem  

As a fresh graduate, your first day at your first formal job can be quite scary and exciting at the same time.

After consecutive stressful work days, long hours, and handling many personal commitments, sometimes you may find it difficult to concentrate at work.

Doing good work does not necessarily get you noticed by the right people. To advance your career in today’s workplace, you need to  perform well and have good social skills.

Leave a lasting and positive impression not only with the calibre of your work, but by projecting a polished image.

Going solo on a free-and-easy holiday may be the best way to experience a destination.

Since the travel itinerary is purely driven by your own interests, you get to spend more time visiting places that you love and make new friends along the way.

Standfirst: Find out how you can make a good first impression at work.

Starting work at a new workplace will mean having to learn new protocols, the responsibilities that come with your role, and adapting to a different working environment.

Tasked to give a presentation at work and want how to do a good job?

The aim of work presentations can vary – to sell ideas, report progress, provide training, gain consensus for decision making, motivate staff, and more.

How to strive a balance between work and your personal life?

We try to aim high at work in order to achieve our goals and succeed but we end up not having enough time for our personal lives.